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We aim to become the biggest crowd-sourced collection of datasets, models, platforms, services and APIs of and for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.




How To Help

So far we are operating as an independent community of like-minded enthusiasts. It is always encouraging to see some interest and support from new people, therefore best help you can provide is to participate and contribute.

The easiest way to help is to spread a word. Share and post about us in your personal and professional networks. Tell your peers, boss, professor or mentor.

If you have a knowledge about some model or AI service available online – go on and send a short or detailed description of it to our Contact below.

If you want to participate regularly and define how this resource will develop write us about yourself or if you are a ML/AI rockstar – just send us a request.

And of course maintaining this resource is gonna cost some money, so donations are welcome.



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